Minot is a catering company operating internationally, specialising in crepes and waffles.



             Freshly Made Crepes to Order.               Quality Food. Great Service.

Founded in 2000 by a young and ambitious French man, MINOT is a family company that takes pride in proposing freshly made food products. Starting from a wobbly single market stall, the company kept growing and improving its services to reach a team of up to 15 people. Specialised in mobile catering, our teams cover different European countries from the UK to Sweden or Denmark. Our principles are simple, we strive to provide the customer with quality crepes and galettes ensuring that the best service is provided. 

MINOT is currently expanding its activities and seeking to find new suitable locations. Proposing different, well rounded retail solutions, we developed a strong brand image and concept aiming at the widest audience. Now celebrating more than ten years experience, MINOT gained great knowledge and know-how,  providing a service ensuring that the customer is always satisfied.

MINOT spends considerable amount of time and energy in seeking and finding the best products, from the different flours to every single delicious toppings we use, we carefully choose our suppliers to ensure optimal and high quality supplies. MINOT also places great emphasis on people, recruiting every year, adding on authenticity by recruiting experienced 'Maitres-Crepiers' from France. Leaving the customer surprised and delighted to enjoy a crepe freshly made by a French chef!


Our Food.

Specialised in mobile catering the core of our brand is crepes. Throughout the years, we worked and learnt new techniques allowing us to achieve great quality in terms of visual and taste. The secret is in the batter we use. Everyday the routine of a Maitre-crepier would consist in making his/her fresh food preparations. Our batter is freshly made everyday with quality ingredients making a real difference to the customer's experience. The flavours, odours and freshness, are key to our success.  Many of our customers are enticed by the spectacle of their unique crepe being made.

MINOT's food concept is simple, a combination between traditional french crepe making and modern flavours and tastes. Our range of flavours is limitless, due to the nature of the crepe we can propose as many fillings as wanted giving plenty of room for choice and change. Proposing sweet and savoury options we can fulfill any palates desire. Crepes are a great dessert alternative that is not always available. Easy to eat and full of flavour, they are often sought by customers. Vegetarian and gluten free options are also available, therefore leaving all customers satisfied!