Trailers & Kiosks

We can propose our delicious products with high quality mobile or permanent solutions.

MINOT Designed Trailers

The fully mobile MINOT designed trailer is a real space saver, allowing us to be trading in any outdoor location. Offering a high visual impact made to attract passersby, trailers bring life to open spaces surrounding a main building as an example.

All trailers are decorated with high quality L.E.D lighting, ensuring optimal efficiency. Furthermore, all our retail solutions are branded and painted to the MINOT standard, where great attention to detail is paid. We at MINOT, ensure that the impact made on the customer is excellent, either in terms of the culinary experience or with the presentation of our retail solutions, to make it an all-rounded pleasant experience.

The trailer is versatile and enables us to offer our different products with limited investment and constraints. Light and eye-catching it can either be used with gas or electric. All systems are being fully certified and able to be trade in open public spaces safely.

Important points:

  • Mobile
  • Low investment
  • Available quickly
  • Attractive and space saving
  • High quality
  • Traditional take away


MINOT Designed Kiosks

MINOT’s experience in providing quality catering, adapted to its environment, allows us to offer the kiosk retail solution. Available in permanent or semi-permanent options, the kiosk makes the most of your available space in both indoor and outdoor set locations.

It enables MINOT to provide the quality level of a commercial kitchen in a restricted space. In addition, decoration and presentation is presented through a wide range of different designs that would be tailored to the set location. For example, a kiosk in the shape of a train carriage fits perfectly with a train station. 

Particular efforts are made to provide long-lasting and efficient products. This keeps maintenance costs low and makes the kiosk adaptable to its environment, whether modern or classical.

Cutting-edge equipment in an appealing environment makes the experience pleasant for the customer.  Quality products and customer satisfaction are at the heart of our activities. Thus, customers enjoy coming back to our premises, increasing the value of the location we trade in.

Kiosks can vary in style and size, a detailed visual of how the bespoke kiosk will look can be provided. 

Important points:

  • Permanent or semi-permanent 
  • Adaptable
  • Great design and quality equipment
  • Built to requirement
  • Able to provide a visual and submit plans to the landlord or local authorities. 

Our Trailers & Kiosks