Take advantage of offering high quality food in a community gathering environment

MINOT Designed Store

MINOT takes pride in offering a new alternative to the food sector. Introducing a wide range of quality and freshly made crepes.

Aiming at pleasing the quality demanding customers, we aim to create community gathering environments. MINOT can currently propose two different designed stores:

- A coffee shop style store with numerous seating accommodating all types of customers. 

- A fast food approach store with limited number of seating, designed efficiently to facilitate the serving of take away food.

The concept to be developed is simple: offering the popular and freshly made crepes, galettes and waffles in a friendly comfortable environment.

At MINOT, great attention is paid to details and we always ensure the use of cutting edge equipment. Furthermore we ensure that all staff is trained to current hygiene and service standards. 

Being aware that eating is a sociable moment, we will focus on providing a friendly environment with adequate lighting (natural and artificial), seating that is suitable to the targeted audience, and a theme that will match the surrounding of the store.

Important points:

  • Choose an ambiance/style
  • More than 10 years experience enables us to propose quality, tasty food at an affordable price.
  • Only counter service is offered to keep prices down
  • Variety of fillings
  • Advertisement & offers proposed at every store (online and offline)
  • Successful stores = good food/good service/good ambience
  • Store adapted to the local environment.

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