Market stalls

The favourite option in continental markets and other outdoor events

MINOT Designed Market Stalls

Markets Stalls are the principal canal for our current activities, where the MINOT story started.  This retail option is very convenient and adaptable, as well as ideal to create a real market ambiance. Our stalls are proposed either as a 3m or 4.5m option with the MINOT branding. Due to investments in top quality equipment our stalls are remarkably noticeable in every market or outdoor events we travel to. 

The combination of colours, the eye for detail and the selling techniques will make the stall stand out from the crowd. We at MINOT, acquired all this knowledge and experience through years of trading, travelling from the top north of Scotland to the very south of England such as the Isle of Wight. 

We pride ourselves in having been able to extend our activities to Nordic countries such as Sweden (where we encountered an even greater success!).

To conclude, market stalls also compliment every outdoor event such as parties or receptions. They are a perfect way to bring change to your events by offering quality crepes or waffles to your invitees. We successfully catered at school parties, music festivals and other events putting smiles on every customer's face!  

Most important points:

  • Low investment
  • Completely mobile
  • Attractive and traditional retail solution
  • Available immediately (fleet)
  • Different versions available
  • Versatile
  • Christmas market chalets also available 
  • Friendly experience

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